Welcome to LSD NYC! 

LaJon S Daniels’ (AKA: LSD of NYC) curated compilation of his unique creative and career based accomplishments. These positions and projects completed over the years provided LaJon a wealth of transferable gained experiences in non-profit human services, indie film / video production and performance on stage, screen & print.

LSD’s unique range of skills, creativity and versatility is culminated from Art and Design High School’s fundamental lessons in ancient era- operating systems and software to Art Institute of New York City’s induction to digital film, storytelling concepts and techniques – including a 20 to 30 something stint working in the real world!

As an intermediate website maker, the conceived completion may take a moment. So please pardon any awkward appearances. will soon, suitably showcase examples of LaJon’s ARTNET of filmmaking, performance, visual arts and program development/coordination.