LSDNYC 240 TUESDAY my lil web show Launches 7.24.18


shot July 10, 2018

This is it! Much to the delight of my daily delusions, I’m finally able to present my video series concept to the world.

The concept is simple: a 4 minute update and review of my life’s arduous adventures to be posted on a weekly or biweekly basis for season. This concept has been on my mind for years now, held up by an internal struggle for content and resources.

I find my life steeped in enough tea to spill for a tale or two. Today’s episode was shot a month ago, with about 30% of my gear. I’m sure it’s tolerable enough to sit and watch but please pardon the wonky sound and color. It’s self celebration of my return to social media with brief explanation of my whereabouts in the past year.

Feel free to ‘like’, comment and share. And stay tuned for more frequent updates along my sites.

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