The Five Points of LSD NYC ART NET

  1. Education
  2. Non-Profit Service Provider
  3. Theatre & Performance
  4. Graphic Design
  5. Filmography/Digital Video

As a lifelong creative spirit, I’ve innately weaved a web of prolific projects across several mediums. Growing up as an only child in a city seated in the center of the universe provided me an ability to foster a healthy and active imagination with opportunities to experience some of the most unique adventures an artist can have.

This is an amazing time be alive!

Since my childhood during the 80’s & 90’s, there has been many major technological and sociopolitical developments in the world, giving me and the rest of Generation X a unique, unparalleled perspective that neither our parents nor children share. In an era of captivating entertainment and privileged, intimate telecommunications, we had an MTV with music, a Saturday morning with cartoons, and Phones with cords. Now we have morally ambiguous reality shows, ritualistic corporate propagandized agenda based media with tracking devices.

After graduating High School, I studied psychology, economics & biology in the School of Hard Knox (A term used especially by young adults who’s learned life’s lessons from the school of life, without the benefits of Higher Education)

outlook of and perspective to a making it here in New York and the world at large, giving me and peer generation an insight that parallels change I became more and more curious about creativity made

and feeding creativity and curiosity that helps me see beauty in aspects of life  that continues to this day

and in my maturation I’ve found a natural & fulfilling niche for digital media; specifically Writing, Producing, & Directing.